How to become a career counselor

What functions does a career counselor perform? In this post we let you know.

Career development

Looking for a job can be exhausting. The demands of the current job market are high and the expectations that recruiters have about the ideal candidate are high. That’s why it’s common to feel lost or exhausted, without having a clear idea of ​​which direction to take. In this context, having a career counselor is essential to present yourself effectively to employers.  

Whether you are looking for a job, or if you want to share your knowledge and become a career counselor, this post is for you. We explain what the profession is about, the functions it performs and how to become one. Keep reading! 

Let’s first define what career orientation is

An important step to stand out in the labour market is to adapt the professional profile according to the demands. Said like this, it seems easy, but what should we prioritize on the resume? Is it necessary to develop all the experience we have? Are we using the right keywords to search for the job that best fits what we want? Career counseling answers these and other questions.  

In general, it is a set of activities designed to help you in your job search. It ranges from adapting your resume to identifying job opportunities that fit your skills and aspirations. Therefore, the main objective of career guidance is to establish clear goals, promote positive attitudes and develop effective strategies for insertion into the labour market. This process is not random but is carried out in a formal and structured manner with the help of specialized professionals. 

Functions of the career counselor  

The career counselor is the person who accompanies you in the job search process and acts as an intermediary with the company so that the final result is the best for both parties. In addition to the functions mentioned above, the career counselor must also:  

  • Enhance existing professional skills and explore new skills focused on job requirements. Through assessments and practical exercises, the development of key skills for the labour market is encouraged, such as teamwork, effective communication and leadership. 
  • Advise on employment opportunities and evaluate the professional profile of candidates to find opportunities that fit their characteristics. Individual orientation sessions offer advice on how to stand out in the selection process and adapt the CV to the demands of the position. 
  • Promote job placement programs such as professional practices, internships or training programs. 
  • Offer resources and tools that adapt to the needs of each group. Along these same lines, it is necessary that the orientation be personalized, with emotional and technical support to overcome specific barriers and increase the possibilities of job placement.  
  • Facilitate contact with companies looking for talent through networking, job fairs and recruitment programs.  

Requirements to become a career counselor 

Let’s start with something basic, and that is that the counselor must be a person who actively listens to the candidates, understands their needs and knows how to communicate clearly. In other words, beyond previous training, empathy and commitment to the professional development of others is essential.  

Regarding studies, they usually have degrees in Social Work, Labor Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Business Sciences or related careers. You can also do a master’s degree or a technical course in career guidance. 

Professional outings 

Professional opportunities for career counselors are varied and constantly growing. They can work in public administration, employment agencies, universities, companies, NGOs and even start their own consultancies. Additionally, with the rise of remote work, opportunities to provide career counseling services through online platforms are on the rise. 

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