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EDUCA EDTECH Group is made up of a group of experienced and recognised online educational institutions. With our EDUCA Learning Experience educational methodology at its core, each step is tailored to the unique needs of each student, creating an immersive and stimulating experience that inspires further exploration of new horizons.

We strongly believe in the democratisation of education. Together our future is bright.


The Premium Business School for leaders


The international Marketplace for e-learning


Tax, labour, accounting and commercial training

Red Educa

Community of educators for educators


Linking sport and educational excellence


Inspiration and vocation in the health sector

Educa Open

Direct access to digital knowledge


Specialists in engineering, architecture and STEM sectors


The largest catalogue of e-learning training specialities

Euroinnova Editorial

Publication of multi-support didactic content


A meeting point for Europe and Latin America


The most human business school


The shortest way to your new professional future


Accessible higher education


The guide to explore new learning routes


One step closer to an equitable society

Benefits of using Educa.Pro in your company

Quickly create custom onboarding plans for your employees. From onboarding new hires to compliance with certifications, all in one place.

Empower your employees with unlimited access to top-notch courses, tailored to their needs, at an unbeatable flat rate. Unlock their potential and drive success with our affordable training solution.

Choosing the right course for each employee is a challenge. Not to mention when it involves an entire learning path or career plan. Through AI Educa.Pro recommends learning paths for each employee.

Tired of reminding your team to finish their learning paths? Our intelligent notification system reminds employees to not forget their learning tasks. Employees can set reminders for their own learning objectives.

Find out the engagement of your team and how each employee is progressing. All through clear and manageable insights in Power BI that can be easily exported.

Any place, any time

The Educa.Pro app is available for iOS and Android.
Employees can download the Educa.Pro app to resume their learning where and when they want.

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Retain the best talent with our course catalogue

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Team Building
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Digital Skills
Business Venture
Corporate Values

We are TOP in training

Educa EdTech Group, in its constant pursuit of educational excellence, is proud to have received recognition from various educational rankings. These recognitions are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in education.

Educa.Pro belongs to the Educa EdTech Group family. A family that grows with every step, every sprint. We are proud to be recognised and endorsed by numerous prestigious rankings in the world of education, such as the ones shown below. There is no greater satisfaction than improving the lives of a multitude of people and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. Educa.Pro, in search of educational excellence.

The QS World University Rankings is one of the most important rankings in the field of education, ranking companies for 54 subjects. To reach their conclusions, they interview more than 130,000 academics and 75,000 graduates worldwide. Famous is its H-index, which measures both the productivity and the impact of an educational institution.
Two aspects carry weight in the European Excellent ranking: the information provided by the educational institution itself and the metrics in the web environment, in addition to academic reputation. We are talking about a ranking that classifies more than 400 universities and higher education institutions in Spain and Latin America, where the best ones occupy the top positions.
The Ranking Educativo Innovatec is responsible for analysing and studying in depth the quality of online education and the different Spanish-speaking training schools. It has numerous indicators and a jury made up of professionals of recognised prestige in the business ecosystem. It is undoubtedly one of the most demanding rankings in the field of education.
El Mundo is one of Spain's leading newspapers, with a readership that reaches as far as Latin America. Undoubtedly, it is a media that champions investigation, risk and good journalism. In an attempt to provide truthful and transparent information to its readers, they carry out the Ranking of Masters of El Mundo, with which they analyse 50 exhaustive areas. At the end of the study, they highlight the 5 most outstanding Masters in each area of study.
The Ranking Web of University focuses on the following indicators: presence, visibility, transparency and academic excellence. This ranking could be labelled as one of the highest quality, as it ranks 31,000 HEIs from more than 200 countries. In addition, it involves scientists working in prestigious public institutions with long experience in metrics-driven evaluations.
Mundo Posgrado is 100% committed to providing its users with the best advice on postgraduate programmes. Therefore, in February 2023 they published the annual edition of their ranking, through which they select the highest quality postgraduate programmes for their readers. Conducted by expert advisors, it has a strong impact on the international education scene.

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