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Unlimited access to continuously updated content

Meeting the training needs of your employees has never been easier. At Educa.Pro we offer you unlimited access to our extensive catalogue of continuously updated courses to follow the latest trends and cover the professional competencies of your employees, boosting the growth of your team efficiently and without limits!

Creation of customisable learning paths

We design customised learning paths based on deep learning, both public and private. This facilitates the Onboarding process by allowing you to create personalised onboarding plans so that the employee integrates and adapts to the organisation from the very first moment. You can also upload links or your own content in multiple formats, so you will see how talent evolves and grows from within!

Intelligent notification system

Educa.Pro's maxim is to ensure the efficient growth of companies, and because we know how difficult it can be to manually monitor the progress of each employee, we have created an automated tracking process where the platform will provide the relevant reminders. Save time and spend it on what really matters!

Insights into learning progress

Tracking the learning progress and development of each employee takes time and effort, especially when you are dealing with a large number of employees. That's why Educa.Pro helps you with this tracking thanks to our reporting dashboard. Our reports are updated three times a day, both for the employee and for HR, where you can assess progress quickly and visually and know more about your employees by keeping up to date on their acquired competencies. With us, ROI is guaranteed!

Competence certificates

Validating acquired skills is essential in today's world of work. At Educa.Pro we issue certificates that not only recognise, but also endorse your acquired competencies - one click after completing a course and you have your certificate! We build on a solid experience in the training sector. Educa.Pro is part of a group with multiple institutions recognised worldwide, standing out in prestigious rankings such as QS World University Rankings, Financial Magazine, Ranking Educativo Innovatec...

Personalised look and feel

At Educa.Pro we create an experience for every user that has come to us through your company, with our platform personalised with your company name and emails received with your company logo. This ensures that your employees feel that the training is provided by your company, supporting their professional development through Educa.Pro.

Creation of working groups

Recognising the diversity of areas in a company, Educa.Pro offers you the possibility to create work groups. Assign specific training to each department and designate group leaders for effective training management in each team.

Different roles

We understand the importance of identifying different roles according to the functionalities attributed to each one. At Educa.Pro we differentiate between user, manager and admin roles. The user role corresponds to the person who consumes the content and the admin role corresponds to HR, who has access to all the functionalities of the tool. On the other hand, the manager role is an intermediate role, similar to the admin role but without permissions to manage the subscription.

Support and advice

Your satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we accompany and advise you from the very first moment on the road to success with Educa.Pro, always giving you personalised treatment with the aim of giving you the solution that best suits you and facilitating the training process with us.

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