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Educa.Pro arises from a firm conviction that the greatest and most precious resource of any organisation is its human capital. It is for this reason that we have set as our main goal to enrich this invaluable resource through an innovative corporate training programme backed by artificial intelligence.

Thanks to a thorough analysis of the corporate environment, we have been able to identify both existing strengths and emerging needs.

We are committed to driving your business success by providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Technology is one of our fundamental pillars, and thanks to the best team of experts, we are prepared to incorporate all the current and future advances that deep learning and machine learning have to offer into our training courses.


Educa.Pro was created with the aim of contributing to the success and growth of all types of companies through their workforce. Boosting talent with personalised and updated training based on artificial intelligence.

We are TOP in training

Educa EdTech Group, in its constant pursuit of educational excellence, is proud to have received recognition from various educational rankings. These recognitions are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in education.

Educa.Pro belongs to the Educa EdTech Group family. A family that grows with every step, every sprint. We are proud to be recognised and endorsed by numerous prestigious rankings in the world of education, such as the ones shown below. There is no greater satisfaction than improving the lives of a multitude of people and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. Educa.Pro, in search of educational excellence.

The QS World University Rankings is one of the most important rankings in the field of education, ranking companies for 54 subjects. To reach their conclusions, they interview more than 130,000 academics and 75,000 graduates worldwide. Famous is its H-index, which measures both the productivity and the impact of an educational institution.
Two aspects carry weight in the European Excellent ranking: the information provided by the educational institution itself and the metrics in the web environment, in addition to academic reputation. We are talking about a ranking that classifies more than 400 universities and higher education institutions in Spain and Latin America, where the best ones occupy the top positions.
The Ranking Educativo Innovatec is responsible for analysing and studying in depth the quality of online education and the different Spanish-speaking training schools. It has numerous indicators and a jury made up of professionals of recognised prestige in the business ecosystem. It is undoubtedly one of the most demanding rankings in the field of education.
El Mundo is one of Spain's leading newspapers, with a readership that reaches as far as Latin America. Undoubtedly, it is a media that champions investigation, risk and good journalism. In an attempt to provide truthful and transparent information to its readers, they carry out the Ranking of Masters of El Mundo, with which they analyse 50 exhaustive areas. At the end of the study, they highlight the 5 most outstanding Masters in each area of study.
The Ranking Web of University focuses on the following indicators: presence, visibility, transparency and academic excellence. This ranking could be labelled as one of the highest quality, as it ranks 31,000 HEIs from more than 200 countries. In addition, it involves scientists working in prestigious public institutions with long experience in metrics-driven evaluations.
Mundo Posgrado is 100% committed to providing its users with the best advice on postgraduate programmes. Therefore, in February 2023 they published the annual edition of their ranking, through which they select the highest quality postgraduate programmes for their readers. Conducted by expert advisors, it has a strong impact on the international education scene.

Who is behind Educa.Pro?

Get to know the team!

Cristina López

Project Lead

Antonio Lara

Tech Lead

Eva Romero

Chief Customer Success

Lidia Castro

Chief Digital Content

Jaime Frías

UX/UI Designer

Adrián Sánchez

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ornella Regine

Project Marketing Manager

Jorge Eduardo Zamora

LATAM Country Manager

María José Ramírez

Customer Experience Manager

Our methodology

Our e-learning methodology at Educa.Pro is designed to provide all learners with an advanced, easy and agile learning experience, based on flexibility without space-time barriers. This means that we offer content that is accessible at any time, from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, through our web platform or our mobile application.

At Educa.Pro, we have carefully selected theoretical content, including audiovisual materials, exams and publications, as well as practical components such as self-assessments, activities and interactive elements. Our goal is to provide enriching educational experiences that foster learner engagement and talent retention.

It is essential to emphasise that our contents are produced in-house by highly qualified educational experts. These specialists constantly research challenges similar to those they face in today’s reality, thus ensuring maximum performance and relevance. Our pedagogical organisational structure ensures that the content is developed in a coherent and efficient manner.

In short, at Educa.Pro we offer enriching training that enables our students to reach the next level of professional development. We adapt to the specific challenges of each company, creating an Unlimited Learning Ecosystem with a wide catalogue of modern and inspiring training.

We hope that this methodology reflects in a more formal and engaging way the values and services Educa.Pro offers to its clients. We are committed to providing the best educational experience.

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