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We have the perfect course catalogue for your employees!

We have the perfect course catalogue for your employees!

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EntrepreneurshipIf starting your own project has always been your dream, with Educa.Pro you have the opportunity to train yourself to achieve the success you deserve. In our platform specialised in training for companies, you will find various courses on marketing, business development, leadership, agile methodologies, negotiation techniques, sales strategy, innovation and much more. Do you dare to take the leap?

Digital skillsDigital transformation brings with it many opportunities for growth, and with our courses, you can access them all. Streamline administrative processes, give your company the online visibility it needs or increase productivity by incorporating automation into your daily tasks. By taking our digital skills courses you will master tools such as Whatsapp Business, Excel, all kinds of social networks and many others related to data management. Get up to date!

Personal developmentWe all have talent and potential, the important thing is to know how to boost it, and for this, we have the personal development courses you need to keep you motivated, active and on the road to constant improvement. Learn how to develop your personal brand, improve the management of your emotions, overcome the impostor syndrome and, in short... Feel better than ever in your work environment!

Design and creativityMore and more competitors are emerging and the only way to stand out from them is to surprise your audience through creativity. Learn how to develop the most innovative and disruptive solutions with Educa.Pro's online courses on UX writing, Design Thinking, content creation and creative techniques specialised in digital media. It's time to explore and break barriers!

LeadershipTeam management is key to developing the maximum potential of each employee and redirecting them to the areas that best fit their profile. Likewise, the role of the leader must always be constructive, organisational and with a predisposition to prioritise the business objective. If you think you were born to be a leader, stop for a moment in our specialised leadership courses, where you will learn: communication, business coaching, NLP and much more. New challenges are knocking at your door!

ProductivityDo you feel you can give much more? To be even more productive you need to know yourself, but you also need to know the most effective techniques that will help you get the best out of yourself. In Educa.Pro's productivity courses you will discover how it is not so difficult to reach your goals. Courses on GDT productivity methods, design sprint, organisation and much more are what you'll find on our platform - it's time to get down to work!

TeamworkDid you know that the companies with the highest turnover are those that keep all their employees cohesive and aligned with the general objective of the corporation? Working as a team is easy when you know how to manage and distribute the workload while keeping calm in times of tension and always learning from your mistakes. If you also believe that the success of a company lies in the power of the team, we invite you to discover the courses on OKR methodology, talent management, team building and change management. Join the Educa.Pro team!

Corporate valuesWhen a company understands the importance of defining values that support its organisational identity and the importance of transmitting them effectively to its staff, it will have made significant progress in its journey towards success. If you too are committed to promoting good practices, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, you should learn about Educa.Pro's courses on organisational culture development and diversity. Together we are stronger!

LanguagesWe live in a globalised world in which companies have broken down all kinds of barriers, including language barriers. At Educa.Pro we want to improve your potential and that of your team, and for this reason, we have designed different practical courses in the languages that rule the market today, and for all levels! English, German, French, Chinese... Which one would you like to start with?

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