5 Basic digital skills you need to have to improve your employability

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When we refer to basic digital skills, we refer to the set of skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to effectively use information and communication technologies in daily life and in the vast majority of jobs that are offered today. Having these skills allows people to interact, communicate, search for information, solve problems, perform tasks in digital environments and improve their employability.

If you want to know more about the technological requirements of the new socio-labor scenario and you want to check if you have the necessary knowledge, keep reading this post in which we will delve into everything that includes the most essential digital skills.

What are basic digital skills?

Acquiring new knowledge and skills related to technology, mastering the new digital tools for the performance of our work or having the help of ICT, so that the internal communication of the company flows, is essential today to be professionally competitive. But, as you know, the most general and total concept of technology is in its maximum splendour, meaning the constant evolution and the daily appearance of novelties that, realistically, can overwhelm us.

So as not to find ourselves immersed in a technological chaos, let’s go in parts: first we strengthen the basic digital skills , and then, we continue adding knowledge about insurance.

The 5 areas of digital competence

Talking about technology is like talking about the immensity of a parallel universe to which we must quickly adapt so as not to fall into the black hole of obsolescence. To locate ourselves in the new paradigm, we divide digital skills into the following five areas: informational area , communication area security area , and the area for solving technical problems.

To cover the tasks related to each of these technological areas, the basic digital skills that we will explain in the next point will be required.

Let’s see which are the most important basic digital skills demanded by companies

Digital Literacy : First of all, before starting to use tools, one must understand the basic concepts and regulatory vocabulary that the use of ICT requires. In addition, it will be necessary to become familiar with the use of electronic devices, the use of computer programs and Internet browsing.

  • Digital communication : the way we communicate has completely changed. Now we seek maximum speed and, to fill almost any job, it will be essential to use: email, social networks at the user level, instant messaging services and other online communication platforms that allow collaboration and participation in communities corporate virtual.
  • Search and evaluation of information : it will be necessary to be able to search, filter, evaluate and use information in a critical and responsible way in digital environments. If you want to know more about this dynamic for the search for effective information on the Internet, you can go to our course for digital skills companies, in which you will learn to use search engines, to contrast sources and to respect copyright.
  • Online security and privacy: surfing the internet contains certain risks that we must be aware of so as not to get into legal trouble or fall for scams. Learning the fundamental cybersecurity measures, choosing and implementing antivirus services or sharing information without the risk of leaks, are other things that you will learn in Educa.Pro’s digital security training for companies.
  • Resolution of digital problems: being decisive with technology, being able to face and solve common technical problems, such as connectivity errors or device configuration, will help you enhance your profile in the workplace.

Finally, note that it is very important to be aware of the basic technological skills that will be required of us today in relation to our professional profile. For example, the fundamental knowledge that someone in digital marketing must have will not be the same as a data expert or a human resources professional, among many other examples. 

Let’s close the digital gap by training in the new digital skills

There is no doubt that technology is completely changing the world of work, and it is true that many professions will disappear. However, others of greater projection will be created and we will even experience the digital transformation of traditional jobs that will allow them to expand and make themselves known to the rest of the world. The digital transformation has come to promote the best of human talent, which is the creative capacity and the ambition to improve what already exists.

As in any process of change, there are different profiles: descriptors, pioneers, followers, laggards and those who directly abandon the ship, although this should not happen with digital transformation, since, in order to advance as a society, we must all row as one. To minimize the so-called digital gap , which occurs for various reasons, and which has managed to isolate certain social groups and companies from the opportunities that technology offers us, such as employment, training or access to aid programs, in Educa. Pro, we insist on the importance of instructing in digital skills, offering a complete catalogue of courses for employees based on artificial intelligence with which to enhance the transversal qualities of each one.

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