Release 5.0.0 – Course Completion Certificate

14 September 2023

In the latest update of Educa.Pro, some exciting improvements have been implemented that will allow users to get the most out of their experience on the platform. From obtaining PDF certificates at the end of a course to customising emails with a company logo, this version is designed to make education and business management more efficient and engaging.

Course completion certificate: Your Passport to Success 

Have you ever wondered how to demonstrate your dedication and achievements after completing a course on Educa.Pro? Now it’s easier than ever!

Get your PDF Certificate when you complete a course! 

When you finish one of our courses, we offer you the opportunity to download a PDF certificate that officially certifies your achievement. Show it off on your CV or frame it on your wall! 

Validate your achievements, boost your credibility and start opening doors to exciting career and educational opportunities.

Check and update your company details 

Make sure your company details are up to date! With this latest release, users with administrator permissions can check and update crucial details of your company more efficiently than ever before.

Update and change with ease:

  • Your company name
  • Domain
  • Plans and billing
  • Corporate logo

At Educa.Pro we are committed to providing an exceptional user experience. This update will allow you to have more precise control over your company details and ensure that everything is in order.

Ready to explore this new feature? Log in to your Educa.Pro account and go to the administration section to access these business management options.

Logo-enhanced emails: making every message memorable

We know that details are essential when it comes to representing your company. With our latest update, your email experience becomes even more personalised.

So now your company logo will be included in emails. This means that in every update, reminder or any type of notification, your company logo will be present, boosting your brand and adding a distinctive touch to your communications.

To do this, you must upload your company logo in your settings page, and that’s it!

Elevate your achievements with private learning paths

Imagine having total control over who can access your learning paths. With our latest update, that’s exactly what you can do, introducing private Learning Paths!

Now, when you create a learning path, you can decide if you want to keep it private, restricting access to specific users that you assign, or if you prefer to make it public, allowing anyone to enrol and enjoy its content.

What does this mean to you? Freedom. Personalization. Control. You have the power to shape your learning paths to suit your needs:

  • Need to share knowledge with a select group? Make it private.
  • Want to reach a wider audience? Go public.

Give your educational experience a twist!

Unlock more potential by upgrading your available licences

The licence model is very important to determine how many users can access and enjoy the content on our online course platform. That’s why we’ve now made it easier than ever to adapt it to your needs.

How does this benefit you?

The ability to grow is in your hands. We have incorporated a feature in the user administration view that gives you the ability to increase the number of available licences with ease.

And how? With a single click, you have access to the contact support mode, which enables you to establish a direct connection with our sales team. They will assist you step by step through the licence upgrade process.

Your continued support of our community means a lot to us. We believe this update will make your experience on the platform easier and more comfortable.

Don’t forget that we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to assist you.