Release 6.5.0 – Funded courses and login with SSO

22 April 2024

New access: log in with SSO

We’ve simplified your access to Educa.Pro! Now, in addition to logging in with your regular email and password, you can use Single Sign-On (SSO) with your existing accounts such as Google, as long as you use the same email address. This means that if you are already registered on Educa.Pro with an email address and decide to sign in using SSO with that same email address, your existing profile and settings will be maintained, without the need to create a new user.

However, the invitation is still required to join the platform. After being invited, you will be able to enjoy the convenience and security of SSO login.

Login with Google: fast and familiar

Facilitate your access to Educa.Pro using your Google account. Simply select ‘Sign in with Google’ and use the email address associated with your Educa.Pro account to continue directly to your workspace, keeping all your settings and preferences.

Login with LinkedIn: professional and connected

Connect your professional LinkedIn profile to access Educa.Pro. Choose the option ‘Login with LinkedIn’ and make sure you use the same email address registered on our platform. This will allow you to synchronise your professional profile with Educa.Pro’s tools and resources.

Login with Facebook: convenient and secure

Login to Educa.Pro with your Facebook account for fast and secure access. Select ‘Login with Facebook’ and use the email address linked to your Educa.Pro account. Enjoy a streamlined login without compromising the security or integrity of your existing profile.

Broaden your horizons with INESEM’s funded courses

We are pleased to announce that very soon you will be able to take full advantage of INESEM’s funded courses through Educa.Pro. While we finalise the full integration, you can already explore our extensive catalogue of funded courses. Simply request that we activate this new feature in your account by sending an email to, and start planning your professional development.