Release 3 – Mobile App Release

9 May 2023

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new mobile app! With our app, your team can consume learning paths and courses anywhere, anytime. Elevate your employees’ skills and knowledge with the flexibility of mobile learning. Download our mobile app today and unlock a world of learning opportunities!

Manage assignments

As an administrator, you can easily oversee your employees’ progress with just one glance, putting you in control of their development. Our platform lets you focus on those with deadlines approaching, ensuring that everyone stays on track and achieves their goals. You can also send gentle prompts to help everyone stay focused and reach their desired milestones. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to optimized learning.


Moreover, we’ve made significant design improvements to our insights feature, providing HR professionals with an enhanced view of key metrics such as employee learning time and other valuable data. With these updates, you’ll have an even clearer understanding of your team’s progress and performance.

Additional improvements

Furthermore, HR professionals now have the ability to remove custom resources such as links and files from a learning path, providing greater control and flexibility over the content available to employees.