Release 3.1.0 – Team leader Release

5 June 2023

Discover the latest update that brings powerful enhancements and a seamless user experience. Introducing a Team Leader role, streamlined learning path management, improved user control, and bug fixes.

Elevate your team’s productivity with these new, exciting features.

Empower Team Leaders

Assign dedicated Team Leaders to drive collaboration and gain valuable insights into team progress. Track performance, identify skill gaps, and ensure everyone reaches their goals.

Flexible Learning Paths

Effortlessly unassign learning paths, adapting to changing priorities and individual needs. Customize your learning paths further by editing links and files, allowing for seamless adaptation and personalization.


Streamlined User Management

Efficiently manage user accounts by deactivating pending users. This feature allows administrators to focus their resources and attention on active users, ensuring better allocation of licenses and keeping the user base organized and up to date.

In addition, you can now unassign learning paths. This provides users with the freedom to explore and engage with learning materials at their own pace, removing the sense of mandatory completion. By removing the highlighting and deadline, individuals can focus on personal development without feeling pressured or constrained.

Bug Fixes for Seamless Experience

We’ve fixed the issue with modal scrolling, ensuring that users can now scroll and view all form inputs effortlessly.