10 Social Media trends in 2024

Is TikTok still the favourite app? Better videos or photos? In this post we tell you

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The digital world is advancing at an unprecedented pace and social networks are not far behind. Every day they incorporate elements to distinguish themselves from the competition and gain users. Meanwhile, those of us on the other side of the screen try to keep up with them and adapt to the new things they propose, although sometimes it is a bit difficult for us. Therefore, in this post we share the 10 trends on social networks in 2024. Is TikTok still in users’ preference? Better videos or photos? And artificial intelligence, will it go out of fashion? Keep reading so you can successfully navigate this dynamic scenario! 

The 10 trends that will set the course of social networks in 2024 

Use of Augmented Reality  

Augmented reality is a form of technology that combines layers of virtual elements over real images. In practice, we are talking about the typical Instagram filters with animal ears or the viral videos on TikTok in which you are apparently in Rome when in reality you have not left home. 

Brands have already realized the potential of this technology to promote their products and increase sales. That is why they have included it as part of their digital marketing strategy and have promoted actions such as trying virtual products or listening to immersive narratives. By 2024, the platforms intend to continue integrating augmented reality to provide users with deeper experiences and thus respond to their needs.  

TikTok expansion 

TikTok is here to stay. At least for this year, it will be like that. What started out as a platform just for uploading dance videos has now gained millions of users by defining niches and offering content for all types of audiences. Whether you are looking for a job, are passionate about reading, or simply want to share your daily life, TikTok is designed for you. With its unique focus on creativity and instant entertainment, it has become a fundamental place for self-expression, content discovery and social connection, in addition to being the social network of choice for many content creators

Likewise, this platform has influenced some changes made to Facebook and Instagram, which have had to give priority to the video format to face the competition from TikTok. At this point, we remind you something: before launching or presenting your brand on this social network, analyze if your target audience is there and how they behave towards the content you want to create. 

Video is still the star format 

If you are hesitating between telling something with images or with videos, we can help you decide: the latter. For 2024, videos continue to be the star format, driven precisely by platforms like TikTok. There is no recipe for success here: as a brand, you can create original content about what you offer or join trends that are already well-positioned on social networks. Of course, they should be short videos and recorded vertically to be able to enjoy them better from your mobile. Also, don’t force content just to fit viral. 

Social networks are now also search engines 

How many times have you first searched for a brand on Instagram before going to Google? You’re not the only person who has done it. Currently, it is very common to first review brands’ profiles on social networks, see their publications and read the comments before making a purchase. That is why implementing SEO strategies in these spaces is now essential. Hashtags are no longer enough: by 2024 you have to go one step further and position keywords so that you are found in the first search results. 

Use of interactive videos 

Videos will no longer work in one direction. More and more platforms are including elements such as surveys or questionnaires within the videos to make this a two-way and interactive experience. In this way, feedback between users and companies is also greater. 

Artificial intelligence is consolidated 

You probably have a friend who went back to the ’90s in a yearbook with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Well, for this year it will no longer be a passing fad. Platforms have realized that AI has much more to offer and are integrating this tool to understand and anticipate user needs, with more sophisticated recommendation systems and automated content moderation means.  

Likewise, content generation tools powered by AI will continue to be preferred by users and brands seeking to accelerate the creative process. In this case, if you use an AI result as a multimedia element, it must be clarified to avoid misinformation.  

Gamification in social networks 

Integrating games into platforms will be a trend this year to increase audience engagement and retain users. From challenges and rewards to scoring systems and competitions, gamification transforms the audience experience into a more dynamic and engaging activity. Furthermore, this trend not only promotes interaction between users but also drives the creation of creative and original content. 

Listening to users is a priority 

Companies are interested in what the customer says about their brand. That is why they implement listening tools to understand what the consumer needs, know their opinions and get closer to their feelings. In general, listening to users makes it easier to solve problems, personalize marketing strategies, analyze emerging trends, and manage brand reputation in real-time.  

Rise of broadcast channels 

There are many influencers or companies that already have a dissemination channel, especially on Instagram. They have found in this format a way to be much more natural and get closer to their audience. To date, the type of relationship is one-way since only the creators and moderators of the channel can write, although they receive a response in the form of emojis from their followers.  

More sharing and less “like”, the new metric approaches 

By 2024, the number of “likes” of a publication will no longer be as important as the number of times it has been shared or saved. These are less manipulable metrics that are geared toward real engagement and tangible business results. 

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