Learn about the 7 most important digital marketing trends

Artificial intelligence, analytics, UX... discover what the world of digital marketing has in store for us in this post.

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The digital transformation has brought disruptive changes to the entire business sector, both for the specific activity of each organization and for the ways in which they capture new potential customers and communicate. Of course, we are also talking about the way in which marketing is done today, from the moment a strategy is designed and planned, until it is executed; aspects that have evolved at a dizzying pace in recent years.

If you are also interested in the world of marketing, technology and communication, keep reading, because we are going to see what are the trends in digital marketing that will revolutionize the way you sell online

What are the most effective digital marketing trends?

Fashion should not be confused with trends: fashion is something specific, ephemeral, which has its moment of glory, but is soon forgotten. However, trends are born, develop and evolve, providing solutions to the needs of the present and anticipating those of the future. And you will say, why the explanation of these terms?: because in this post we do not want to talk about marketing fads, but about useful, innovative and practical trends from which the most cutting-edge companies in each sector are already benefiting.

Would you like to know what they are to start implementing them in your company? We give you a hint! Data and artificial intelligence are protagonists. Read on to discover all the others.

Customer data platforms and first-party cookies

Marketing departments know that data is the key to developing the most infallible strategies, which is why they invest so much time and resources in its collection and analysis. However, cookies provided by third parties are about to disappear and, like other browsers, which have already done so, Chrome also plans to eliminate them to protect user data. This poses a problem, but rather, it has become the perfect opportunity for companies to collect their own data first-hand and thus be able to generate a much more accurate audience.

In a very short time, companies will focus on measuring and analyzing the path to conversion to attribute the results to each point of the sales funnel. Of course, data will also be collected in each specific marketing action that is launched, such as campaigns or promotions. Do not forget that the most difficult and useful thing that a company must do with this valuable information is not to generate a sale, but to establish the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Final implementation of Google Analytics 4

We all know, and Google better than anyone, that changes are difficult to accept, which is why a reasonable amount of time of almost two years has been given for users to begin to become familiar with the new version of Analytics. But the time has come for the final transition and there are barely a few months left before the old interface disappears.

Some of the improvements and news that come with Analytics 4 are: greater focus on user privacy , real-time analysis of a website or application, multi-device measurement , integrated artificial intelligence that provides more detailed analysis.

Podcast marketing, the new competitor of video marketing

Although audiovisual formats continue to be at the top of content, the podcast is a clear trend on the rise. More and more content creators are opting for audio, and it is that they are working very well due to their accessibility, their specialization and the fact that the user does not need to keep their attention centralized on a screen, which means that they can consume it almost in any situation; In addition, they work extremely well for specific niches, thus facilitating the transfer of users between digital and offline channels, and they also do not require a very large investment in production.

SEO will continue to be key to visibility on the internet

Yes, but as you know, the rules of the game are constantly changing, so experts in this area will have to keep up to date on new best practices, more technical aspects and algorithm changes. To talk about SEO trends, another post would have to be made, but, in summary, we can highlight these: assistants and voice searches, working on the user experience as a pillar of the SEO strategy, semantic searches and enriched content.

Digital marketing performance

This term that is being talked about so much today basically means paying attention to the performance of each action that is executed through monitoring controlled by advanced tools that collect and analyze data. Of course, the role of the analyst is crucial to draw conclusions and guide the company towards the best opportunities. Digital performance marketing has a technical and a strategic aspect, on which decision-making is based.

Affiliate marketing to increase online sales

This is a strategy based on collaborations. A company (advertiser) works together with a group of affiliates (publishers or influencers) to promote their products or services in exchange for a commission for each sale or action made through their marketing efforts. This model benefits both parties: the advertiser increases sales and visibility, while the affiliates earn profits with almost no effort, depending on the specific clauses of the contract that is made.

TikTok is no longer just for dancing teens

When it appeared, nobody took this social network seriously, much less companies. Over time, this network has gained prominence and expanded its user profile, to the point of becoming a channel with which to connect with many types of audience through innovative, dynamic content with a high probability of generating engagement . Even political parties are using it in the campaign! In addition, since relatively recently, paid campaigns have been possible.

These are just some strategies and trends in digital marketing that are already consolidating as the most effective, but if you want to know more about this vast and innovative world, subscribe to Educa.Pro and delve into any of the trends that interest you the most. interest. We will wait for you!

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