What are and what are not the functions of a community manager?

If you want to engage in social media and work as a professional community manager, first, identify what your tasks will be.

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Sure you know what a community manager is, but do you know what it is not? They are not an administrator, they are not a customer service agent, they are not a graphic designer, they are not a web developer… If you like social networks and have ever doubted what the functions of the community manager really are, don’t worry, we come to define them and put an end to the false belief that the community manager is the “girl to everything”. In addition, by defining their tasks, we are sure that professionals in the sector will do their job much better and achieve better results.

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What is a community manager in its strictest meaning?

The community manager role implies the dynamization and building of lasting relationships between the company and its users.

Being a professional in social networks, and these, being a very broad field of digital marketing, which requires various types of tasks, they have ended up misunderstanding the functions of the community manager, attributing many that have nothing to do with it. with profile management.

But don’t be confused! The community manager should only be in charge of keeping followers active, involved with the brand, and making them grow.

Discover the 7 fundamental functions of the community manager

  • Community administration: answer comments, accept friend requests, detect trolls or haters, manage criticism or bad opinions, monitor hashtags, monitor conversations where the company is mentioned and answer user questions related to the company. In short, everything has to do with user interaction.
  • Design of strategies to improve the proposed KPIs: the main KPIs in social networks are usually: growth of quality followers, improvement of reach, increase in views of video content, achieve greater interactivity with the account, increase the percentage of engagement, improve online reputation. For all this to happen, it is important to define a social media strategy based on previous analysis. In addition, whenever a strategy is implemented, the results must be measured and the points modified or reinforced as necessary.
  • Project evaluation and management: the social media strategy can be contextualized in a broader project or campaign, so the community manager must be able to design a consistent strategy and provide the most interesting data in relation to the main objective. For example, if you are carrying out an awareness campaign about the importance of keeping beaches clean, the main KPI of the social media strategy cannot be to increase followers.
  • Crisis management: one of the most important functions of the community manager is to manage reputation crises that mainly occur in online communication channels in which everyone can present their point of view and interact with other users, such as on social networks or forums. In general, crises come without warning, because they arise from errors or misunderstandings that are not planned, for this reason, it is very important that the community manager prepare a crisis prevention and management plan, to know where to tackle it. The most urgent thing is to prevent rumours and fake news from spreading, therefore, reacting in time, giving explanations, apologising (when necessary); and proposing solutions publicly, are basic requirements.
  • Generation of content plans: we already know that the community manager, although they may have notions, is not a graphic designer or video editor, but an effective content planner. Therefore, even if they do not execute the designs, they must establish in a clear and concise plan what graphic and audiovisual pieces they will need to achieve the objectives set. How many will you need per month, what texts will they include, in what variety of formats each publication is needed… the community manager must coordinate with the creative team and give them all the detailed information.
  • Elaboration of creative copywriting: the community manager must have a high level of writing to communicate as effectively as possible with his community. It is necessary for him to know creative writing techniques, copywriting and, ultimately, the best way to convey the message adapted to the target audience. Of course, impeccable spelling and mastery of the grammar of the language in which they write are essential.
  • Management of social media tools: there comes a time in the life of every community manager, in which the number of profiles they manage increases and the communities overflow, the pending publications accumulate and the planning continues to run, even on weekends! ! What to do in this case? Very easy: pull tools for social media. Hootsuite to schedule posts and ignore your days off, Metricool to collect data automatically, Mention to monitor mentions, Audiense to identify and contact your audience… and there are many more!

How to be a community manager?

If you like social networks, you are creative, active and are good at new technologies, your ideal job may be that of a community manager. To do this, you must take a specific course on social profile management or, even better, take a master’s degree on digital marketing with which you will acquire in-depth knowledge of each area that this branch of marketing encompasses.

Once you understand how digital communication works, all you have to do is give free rein to your communication skills and keep an eye on the Educa.Pro blog to find out about all the trends. We will wait for you!

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