Project manager: the path to success

Do you know what the role of the project manager is in a company? We tell you everything you need to know about this profession.

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In a company, complex projects are often carried out that require a strategic vision and leadership skills to succeed. And the truth is that not all professionals are trained for these tasks. For this reason, in the current business context, a professional role has emerged that is responsible for setting the path to success: the project manager.  

The project manager is the person responsible for guiding the team through the stages of the project, ensuring that each resource is optimized and each objective is achieved with precision. Do you have the skills to communicate clearly, solve problems and lead tasks? Then this profession interests you. Keep reading! 

The project manager role  

The project manager acts as the central axis of communication between clients, the team and stakeholders. His responsibility is to define objectives, plan resources, coordinate tasks and monitor the progress of a project to ensure that results meet quality, time and budget expectations. 

In short, the project manager is the one who is on the front line of the planning and execution challenges involved in launching a project. For this reason, it is a professional who needs a combination of technical, management and communication skills.  

Thus, their role is vital to keep the team focused and motivated while managing resources and risks to deliver results that exceed expectations. 

Functions of this professional 

Up to this point, it might seem to you that the project manager covers many tasks in his or her daily life. And while it is true, it is important to define some specific functions of this professional. Now we tell you: 

  • The project manager determines what resources will be necessary to carry out the project and in what deadlines the tasks must be completed. 
  • Design a detailed plan that includes the project stages, tasks, milestones and deliverables. 
  • Set the quality criteria that each deliverable of the project must meet. 
  • Responsible for coordinating activities and assigning responsibilities to team members. 
  • Maintains constant communication with clients, team and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned and up to date. 
  • Identify potential risks and take steps to mitigate them
  • Continuously monitors project progress and adjusts the plan as necessary. 

What is the salary of a project manager? 

As you may have seen, the position of project manager is multifaceted, making it one of the most dynamic and challenging in the business world. Therefore, it is not surprising that her salary is very competitive. According to job websites, in Spain the salary of these professionals can range from 28,000 euros to 46,200 euros per year.  

Please note that this salary may vary depending on experience, industry, or geographic location of the company.  

Is a project manager the same as a product manager? 

It is likely that in your job or information search, you have also seen the role of the product manager. Is this the same as working as a project manager? The answer is no. Although both roles share some similarities in terms of management and leadership, there are significant differences between these positions. 

To understand it better, we explain it to you through these four key differences. 


As we have told you, the project manager is responsible for the successful delivery of projects in a timely manner. His focus is on efficient management of resources and execution of the plan. For its part, the product is responsible for promoting product development. It focuses on creating right solutions for customers and enriching product  value.


Related to the above, the objective of the project is to meet the deadlines, budget and quality of the project. Meanwhile, the product tries to create products that satisfy the needs of the market and generate growth

Required skills and experience 

Although the skills and experiences are not exclusive to one position or another, it is recommended that the project be oriented towards management, planning, programming, costs and risk management. In the case of the product manager, you need leadership, communication, technological and business knowledge skills.  

Success Metrics 

The project manager uses metrics related to on-time delivery, budget, and project quality. For its part, the product measures the growth, revenue and profits of the business

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