What are the trends in international tourism?

Learn about the trends that remain and those that appear new for 2024

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International tourism is constantly evolving and increasing. At the moment we are witnessing a change in tourism trends that, although they had accelerated in the last 20 years, are now setting records year after year. 

So much so, that by 2030 and according to the forecasts of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international arrivals are expected to reach 1.86 billion. This would mean an increase of 40% compared to 2022. 

The reasons for this growth in this decade are due, among others, to greater connectivity, the widespread use of the Internet and social networks, the excessive increase in the world’s population and a larger middle class. In addition, these tourists demand more personalized experiences and also greater use of technology. On the part of hoteliers, efforts are also marked towards the digitalization of the customer experience and big data. 

Some of the world tourism trends for 2024 are sustained from years ago, such as the trend towards sustainable tourism and the personalization of the trip and experience. But new trends also appear, such as those related to wellness tourism or changes in payment methods. 

Experiential tourism 

Experiential tourism is a type of tourism that is booming in 2024. This tourism is focused on trips of personal interests that can range from sports, music, or even shopping.  

This summer the Olympic Games are being held in the city of Paris, so a fairly pronounced increase in travel is expected for this reason. The European Football Championship will also be played in Germany, which is why thousands of fans will travel to this country. And finally, the T20 Cricket World Cup is held in the United States and the Caribbean, also attracting fans of this sport. 

In addition, an increase in demand for retailtainment is also expected. In reality, shopping is the reason for tourism, this influences more people planning vacations near renowned commercial destinations.  

One of the most chosen destinations for shopping tourism, especially by Chinese and North American tourists, has been London. Even so, new destinations will probably emerge, such as Italy, due to its large number and prestige of designers. 

Luxury tourism 

The luxury or high-end tourism sector, also including wellness in this part, is experiencing very notable growth among tourists. They increasingly value achieving an internal and external balance in their lives and seek experiences that are exclusive. To this end, many retirement destinations have emerged, which have a great offer related to these characteristics. 

The Asia-Pacific area resurfaces 

Since COVID-19 and all the restrictions it brought to life in general and tourism on a global scale, this is the first full year for this area of ​​the world. Therefore, a rebound in visitors to these areas is expected, with China being the reference country. 

Greater customization 

Currently, more than 90% of travellers are interested in personalized alternatives. These tourists show an increase in the search for adapted trips with fewer complications. 

This trend not only demands basic services such as insurance and financial support, but also comprehensive tourism packages.  


Faced with the difficulty of having a whole week’s vacation, many tourists look for one- or two-day getaways to the beach or the mountains. This is a trend that is also showing an upward trend in 2024. The advantages that we can find are that this type of trip is much cheaper and gives the opportunity to disconnect, in addition, it is more sustainable tourism. 

Sustainable tourism 

A trend in recent decades, tourists are increasingly demanding the sustainability of the products they buy and they are more aware of nature and the planet. 

An attempt is made to reduce the ecological footprint through recycling, reducing plastic consumption, etc, and the tourism sector needs to continue facing this problem. 

In addition, tourists are more informed and seek information about the most sustainable ways to travel, so that this information will influence their travel decisions. 

These tourism trends that we have just seen will shape the tourism we will have in the coming decades. Demographic changes, awareness of sustainability, demographic changes and constant technological and digital development will shape these trends and make them realities that must be met to remain competitive in a more demanding market. 

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