Programmed training: What should you know?

Discover what programmed training is and why choose Educa.Pro to solve the training needs of your team.

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Competitiveness has already become an inherent characteristic of today’s business world. Businesses or companies are increasingly aware of this and have found in the training of their employees a key factor to make a difference. Thus, they manage more competent and versatile teams, fostering an environment of continuous learning within the organization.  

Precisely, programmed training, previously known as subsidised training, is a strategic tool so that companies can adapt training programs to their specific needs and so that employees can acquire new skills. 

Features of programmed training 

Programmed training is a state program that allows companies to provide training actions to their active workers. This is a credit that is granted to companies to dedicate to the professional training of their workers. 

In this sense, the main characteristic of programmed training is that it is free for workers. At the same time, it does not represent any cost for the company, which can subsidize up to 100% of the amount of the courses from the contributions of companies and workers to Social Security.  

The State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE) is the entity in charge of managing and promoting programmed training. The objective is, ultimately, to enhance and perfect the skills of employees to face the challenges and transformations that characterize the labour market. 

Who can benefit from programmed training? 

All companies that operate in Spanish territory, that have at least one employee and that contribute to Social Security for Professional Training, may benefit from the programmed training.  

In the case of self-employed workers with dependent workers, they can also opt for this bonus, as long as they contribute to professional training. Since they do not have a representative certificate, they must access the application through the “Self-Employed Access Registry” to request registration as a subsidized company and/or organizing entity.  

Likewise, all workers who provide services in private companies and contribute to Social Security for Vocational Training are recipients of programmed training. Additionally, people who are in the following situations can benefit: 

  • Fixed discontinuous in their non-occupancy periods. 
  • Those who become unemployed during training, as long as they complete at least 75% of the course. 
  • Affected by temporary contract suspension measures for economic, technical, organizational or production reasons, during their periods of suspension of employment. 
  • They are on sick leave, provided that the training is compatible with the illness and, in any case, with medical authorization.  

How much credit do companies have? 

The credit for subsidized training is governed by the General Budgets established in Law 31/2022 and may vary depending on the size of the company and its history of contributions to vocational training. Following current provisions, these are the corresponding percentages: 

  • Companies with 6 to 9 workers: have access to 100% of the quoted amount. 
  • Companies with 10 to 49 workers: can use 75% of the contributions. 
  • Companies with 50 to 249 workers: have 60% of the contributions. 
  • Companies with 250 or more workers: have access to 50% of the contribution. 
  • Companies that incorporate new workers, either by opening new work centers or by new creation: 65 euros for each new worker.   

In addition, small businesses (1 to 5 workers) have a guaranteed minimum credit of 420 euros. This ensures that even businesses with smaller budgets can access bonus training for their employees.  

Obligations to be able to subsidize the training carried out 

In addition to what was mentioned above about the characteristics of the recipients, it is important: 

  • Be up to date with tax and Social Security obligations. 
  • Guarantee free training to participants. 
  • Keep documentation accrediting training for four years. 
  • Identify in the accounting all the expenses of executing the training actions, as well as the bonuses that apply. 

What requirements must the training carried out with this program meet? 

The training programmed by companies must meet certain characteristics to guarantee its quality and effectiveness. These are the main aspects that the training carried out with this program must have: 

  • Relationship with the activity: training must be related to the activity carried out by the company. It is important that they are aligned with the objectives and needs of the organization. 
  • Specific duration: the duration of the subsidized courses must be specific and adequate to cover the necessary content. It should neither be too short nor excessively long. 
  • Student participation: participants must be involved in evaluating the quality of the training actions. This is achieved through the use of evaluation questionnaires. 
  • Quality evaluation questionnaire: beneficiary companies have the obligation to distribute quality evaluation questionnaires among all participants who complete the training actions. In addition, they must collect and safeguard the questionnaires received. 
  • Official accreditation: the company that provides the training must be accredited in the state registry of training entities. This accreditation guarantees that the training meets established quality standards. 

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