How to get the ‘Equality in the Company’ Distinction

Have you heard about the Equality in the Company Distinction? We tell you how to achieve it and what benefits it brings to your organization.

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Thanks to years of awareness, people who have championed gender equality, and pioneering companies that have dared to break the gender gap in the business sector, women are getting the place they deserve in the workplace. However, this is an issue that society as a whole must continue to work on so as not to undo everything that has been achieved and to achieve new and more ambitious objectives, such as, for example: breaking the glass ceiling or improving family conciliation, among other measures.

Promoting an equitable and diverse work environment is not only an ethical imperative but also carries tangible benefits for organizations. Therefore, in this post, we want to talk about “Equality in the Company Distinction” as a recognition of those companies that are actively committed to promoting gender equality. Let’s see what it is!

What is the ‘Equality in the Company’ Distinction and to whom is it awarded?

The Equality in the Company Distinction is a recognition granted in Spain by the Ministry of Equality, which is awarded to companies that demonstrate a real commitment to promoting gender equality in their work environment. To receive this distinction, organizations must implement policies and practices that promote equality between men and women in aspects such as access to management positions, the reconciliation of work and family life, the prevention of harassment, and equal pay.

What must be done to obtain the ‘Equality in the Company’ Distinction?

For a company to achieve this recognition, it has to demonstrate its commitment to equality through concrete actions. For example, some organizations carry out these measures:

Develop an equality plan: companies must design and implement an Equality Plan that includes specific measures to eliminate gender discrimination in the organization.

Equal pay: any organization that pursues equality must pay special attention to guaranteeing equal pay between men and women who perform jobs of equal value.

Promotion and career: encourage the promotion of women to leadership positions and provide equal opportunities for career development.

Work-life balance: Measures must be implemented that allow for the reconciliation of work and family life, such as flexible schedules or teleworking.

Harassment Prevention: Companies will establish protocols and policies to prevent and address sexual and gender-based harassment at work.

Training and awareness: Corporations will offer gender equality training to employees and managers to create a culture of equality.

Communication: internal communication that promotes gender equality and diversity will be promoted.

Evaluation and monitoring: finally, companies must continuously monitor equality policies and review the Equality Plan periodically.

For how long is the ‘Equality in the Company’ badge valid?

The “Equality in the Company Distinction” in Spain is valid for three years. This means that, once granted, companies that obtain it must renew it every three years to ensure that they continue to comply with the requirements and commitments regarding gender equality, which, currently, evolve quite quickly in order to achieve objectives each time. fairer for everyone.

During this period, companies must continue to implement and maintain the policies and measures that allowed them to obtain the distinction initially, so that, in this way, they continue to guarantee that the company remains committed to promoting gender equality throughout the year and adapt to the changing needs of your work environment.

When is an equality plan mandatory in the company?

Since March 7, 2020, it is mandatory for all companies that have between 151 and 250 employees to have their own equality plan approved. In fact, this is subject to labor inspections and any organization of these characteristics that does not have an equality plan may be sanctioned with fines from 751 to 7,500 euros.

These company equality plans could be defined as strategic documents that include concrete measures to promote gender equality in the workplace. They detail specific actions related to salary equalization, women’s access to management positions, work-life balance, prevention of harassment, and equality training, among other aspects.

Furthermore, and very importantly, equality plans establish indicators and deadlines for the implementation of these measures, as well as monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to guarantee their effectiveness in promoting an inclusive and equitable work environment.

We hope that with this post we have solved all your questions about the equality badge in the company, what it is and how to achieve it. If you want to know more about new initiatives for equality in the company, personal development, business trends, professional growth and innovation, don’t miss anything from Educa.Pro. We are here for you!

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