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How does artificial intelligence work and what can we do with Google Bard? At Educa.Pro, we are going to unpack this chatbot in full.

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Don’t you know Google Bard yet? This artificial intelligence tool created by Google promises to compete with the almighty ChatGPT. In the end, it is an alternative that works in a fairly similar way, with some oddities. Would you like to know those singularities? At Educa.Pro we will tell you everything you can do with this chatbot. 

There is a competitive race to claim the throne of artificial intelligence. Since ChatGPT came out, we have seen new tools come out constantly. Applications capable of creating realistic images, generating complete web pages or speaking a text with intonation typical of a human being. 

But how do these tools work? What can we do with Google Bard? We are going to fully explain the artificial intelligence of this technological giant. 

What is Google Bard? 

As we have been saying, Google Bard is an Artificial Intelligence system. It consists of a conversational system, just like ChatGPT. You interact with this chatbot through messages and Bard will respond normally. If you ask him to do something, he will do it as long as it is within his capabilities. 

This artificial intelligence is based on LaMDA, an incredible experimental language model designed by Google. As is normal, the technology giant was able to create this model completely secretly, since very few people were able to access it. 

Google is the undisputed leader in the field of Internet searches. No one has been able to shake this technological giant. However, since the arrival of new artificial intelligence tools, they did get nervous. Still, Google Bard is the answer to that pressure. 

How does Google Bard work? 

The first feature that Google Bard has is that it is always connected to the Internet, not like the free version of Chat GPT. This aspect is really important if you want to obtain information about a current event or if you want to analyze it together with this chatbot. If you ask Chat GPT about the last Real Madrid game, it will never answer you, unless you have the Premium option. 

On the other hand, Google Bard will give you three different answers to each of your questions. This is also something new that its competitors cannot do. For any question, it will offer you three different answers so you can choose the best one. How long does it take to reply? It is totally immediate. 

One of the issues that remains to be seen is how Bard will be integrated into Google’s normal search engine. How will this affect SEO? How will it affect businesses and websites? How much space will Bard take up in a normal quest? For this reason, people are beginning to talk about SGE (Search Generative Engine) , which will basically be the evolution of SEO when AI enters the SERPs. 

In general terms, we will be able to ask Bard for anything. Google itself spread through a message that its tool will serve to satisfy curiosity and give rein to our creativity. You can create stories for children or to generate a weekly diet with your data and preferences. 

This is what you can do with Google Bard 

What tasks or things can you ask Google Bard? Without a doubt, there are countless things that artificial intelligence of this calibre can do for you, but at Educa.Pro we want to give you a brief summary. If you like something you propose, you just have to go to Bard and adapt it to the niche in which your company is located. 

Let’s see some of those actions: 

  • Google Bard can act as a translator for you and can speak to you in any language. 
  • He can give you a tutorial on what you want to do. For example, if you want to develop something with Excel, Bard will give you the exact formula you need. 
  • It is capable of summarizing any information or URL on the Internet. It can also translate these URLs for you. 
  • You can use it to write emails for you. 
  • You can use it to give you reviews of certain products and advise you. 
  • Helps you with programming codes.
  • You can create a training routine and a balanced diet. 
  • It can help you plan your vacation. 

Google Bard in Spain and the problem with privacy measures 

At first, Google Bard was not available in Spain or in the rest of the European Union because it did not meet the requirements of European privacy legislation. We had to wait three months to be able to enjoy this tool in Spain, at which time they improved their privacy, taking into account the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Google had to include notices and detailed descriptions about how personal data is managed. In addition, users will have the possibility to refuse to have their chats recorded to improve the service. Ultimately, Google has had to make Bard much safer for people’s interests. 

This is an important step for Google since the technology giant obtains a large part of its income by collecting user information. Why does he do this? To sell the best advertising. 

Educa.Pro, a place to constantly improve 

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