Unmasking the 11 types of customers

Would you recognize the customer profile that you are most interested in impacting? We help you identify them in this post!

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Whoever has a customer has a treasure, and not because of the sale that has been generated, but because of all the sales that can be closed if we know how to build customer loyalty. However, each one of them is unique and, as if the market were a play, each one has their role. In this post, we will take a tour of the 11 types of customers that you will surely encounter in your professional career as an entrepreneur. From the social media lover to the email nostalgic, we will discover the peculiarities that make working with them so unforgettable.

Why is it so important to recognize each type of customer?

Recognizing each type of customer is not only essential to succeed in the business world, but it can also be super fun. Imagine that you are the director of a play and each customer is one of your main actors. Knowing their specific roles will allow you to adapt your script and offer them the best possible experience.

As you know, each customer has their preferences, expectations and ways of interacting. By recognizing and understanding these different types, you can customize your approach, communication, and strategies to meet their individual needs. This will not only improve the relationship with the customer but will also undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

What is the difference between internal and external customers?

Before getting to know the 11 types of customers, we will make two large groups that are sometimes not considered and important to differentiate: the internal and external customers.

Internal customer: Surely you have ever bought or contracted a product or service from the company you work for and… Surprise! You have not received any discount or special benefits… mistake! A very good marketing strategy, both to attract customers and to retain them, is to offer purchasing facilities and benefits to the employees themselves, because they will be the best brand ambassadors, especially if the company is large.

In this context, each department or employee is seen as a service provider for other departments within the organization. For example, the human resources department could be the service provider for employees, considered internal customers, by offering services related to personnel management, training, among others.

External customer: on the other hand, the external customer is not part of the organization and purchases products or services from the company. These are the traditional customers that a company addresses to sell its products or services. They can be individuals, other companies or organizations that buy or use what the company is offering in the market.

Learn to detect the 11 types of customers you will encounter throughout your business career

Each of these characters adds a unique touch to your business story. Know your audience and get ready for a masquerade ball in the world of marketing!

Informed Customer

This customer is like a knowledge guru. He researches, compares, and always comes well prepared. He knows your products or services before even contacting you.

Impulsive Customer

Here comes the spark! This customer makes quick decisions without much thought. He gets excited easily and can be a passionate shopper.

Argumentative Customer

This customer has a fighting spirit. He likes debate and will question every detail. Although challenging, he can provide valuable insights.

Undecided Customer

Will it be there, won’t it be there? This customer has difficulty making decisions. He needs a little more guidance and patience to finally take the step.

Confused Customer

This customer might need a map. You feel overwhelmed by options and information. Your task is to clarify things and guide him through the process.

Silent Customer

Mysterious and reserved, this customer prefers to observe in silence. He won’t always express his opinions, but his satisfaction may be your best reward.

Negotiator Customer

Everything is negotiable for this customer. He looks for deals and discounts, and is always looking for the best deal possible. Get ready for a good negotiation!

Brand Ambassador Customer

This customer not only buys but also promotes. He is passionate about your brand and shares his enthusiasm with friends and family.

Loyal Customer

The rock-solid of your customer base. This customer always comes back for more and remains loyal to your brand over time.

Hostage Customer

This customer might feel trapped. Maybe because of a long-term contract or because of the lack of alternatives. Your task is to convert him into a loyal customer.

Mercenary Customer

Look for the best for him. There is no loyalty, only transactions. This customer constantly evaluates his options and could easily switch if he finds a better deal.

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