10 NLP Techniques that will remove all obstacles that prevent you from growing

Reach new goals and get rid of the prejudices that do not add up to you. Learn NLP techniques.

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When we manage to have our basic needs covered, it is when we can face deeper and more complex challenges that, on many occasions, will mean a before and after for the course of our lives. We spend a lot of time waiting for a change that will make us better: better people, better workers, better students… but in reality, if you don’t act as the engine of change, it won’t come.

At Educa.Pro we are committed to all those who pursue constant improvement , for those who do not settle, because they know that everything can be even better. Would you like to know the most disruptive disciplines that will activate your best version? Stay with us learning more about personal and professional development, NLP, mindfulness , emotional intelligence, assertive communication and much more!

What is NLP or neuro-linguistic programming?

In recent years, we are experiencing a growing interest in personal development and mental health, two closely linked concepts, and to which the traditional society scheme that we have created has not given sufficient value up to now, generating different types of obstacles in the growth of people and even triggering mental disorders as a result of stress, misunderstanding, market demands and other factors that force us to forget about our vital objectives .

Neuro-linguistic programming is a discipline that, through communication, analyzes, understands and changes the deep-rooted habits of people that prevent them from developing in the direction they really want. NLP focuses on the way people process information, perceive the world, and communicate with themselves and others.

Do you know what perceptual filters are? Giving them a 360 turn is the key to the entire process.

The more global objective of NLP is to modify the perceptual filters, through which each individual filters and perceives reality . Perceptual filters are the set of cognitive and sensory processes that we use to make sense of what we live, such as: old experiences, learning, beliefs, cultures, prejudices… everything that distorts reality as it is. NLP techniques readjust perceptual filters so that we can understand life in a different way and this allows us to be happier.

What objectives do NLP techniques pursue?

Now that you know what NLP is focused on, let’s see the exact objectives pursued by people who decide to start in this discipline to enrich their lives.

  • Discard limiting beliefs.
  • Modify patterns of thought and behaviour.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Emotional management and working on emotional intelligence.
  • Define objectives and clear processes to achieve them.

Start working on your personal development with these 10 NLP techniques

Next, we mention the ten most used NLP techniques during therapies. Many of them you can start practicing independently. Do you dare to try?

  1. Anchoring : this technique consists of associating a stimulus (such as a gesture, a word or an image) to a specific emotional state. It is used to access and activate a desired emotional state at any time.
  • Calibration : involves observing and recognizing a person’s nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language, to gain insight into their internal states and emotions.
  • Reframing: is a technique that consists of changing the interpretation or meaning of an experience, situation or belief. It seeks to find a new perspective that generates more positive and constructive results.
  • Milton Model – is based on the hypnotic language of therapist Milton Erickson. It consists of using vague and ambiguous linguistic patterns to facilitate effective communication and stimulate the receiver’s imagination and creativity.
  • Language meta-model – The language meta-model is a technique of specific questions designed to identify and challenge limiting assumptions and generalizations in a person’s language. It helps clarify and broaden one’s understanding of someone’s experience and thinking.
  • Creative Visualization – Used to create clear and vivid mental images of desired goals. Helps program the subconscious mind to achieve the desired results.
  • Resource anchoring technique : consists of associating a stimulus with a state of positive resources, such as confidence or calm. It is later used to access that state in times of need.
  • Rapport : is a technique that establishes a harmonious and trusting connection with another person. It involves adapting language, tone of voice, posture, and breathing rhythm to establish harmony and facilitate effective communication.
  • Bridge to the Future Technique : It is used to visualize and plan future goals and objectives in a clear and motivating way. It helps to establish a path towards the achievement of the desired results.
  1. Time Reframing Technique – This technique is used to change the time perspective of an event or experience. It may involve reviewing a past experience from the perspective of the present or envisioning a successful future to build motivation and overcome obstacles.

NLP is one more discipline of all those that focus on reorienting people to achieve their goals, mental peace and global well-being. If you also find this field of research interesting, be sure to subscribe to Educa.Pro to find out all the news.

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