Release 4.1.0 – Lite Plan

31 July 2023

Lite Plan

Are you a non-corporate user interested in accessing the full catalogue of Educa.Pro courses? With the new update, it is now possible with the Lite Plan, designed for you and your unique way of learning. 

Immerse yourself in knowledge at your own pace and without restrictions, creating your own personalised learning paths and reaching your educational goals effectively. 

Now available for you, try it out!

Personalise your profile: add a profile picture now!

Now we can see each other’s faces! From today, you can add your own profile picture. We know that personalisation is key to a unique learning experience and now you can reflect your identity in your user profile.

In addition, you will be able to recognise your team quickly when managing their learning paths, making it easy to recognise and personalise them. 

Upload your best photo now!

Changing your password from your user profile

We know how valuable your time is and how important it is to keep your data secure, so we’ve listened to your feedback and improved this feature to help you manage your account more efficiently. 

Updating your password is now easier than ever, you no longer need to change it just from “forgot password”. Just navigate to your profile and you’ll find the option to change your password in just a few clicks, it’s as simple as that!

Simplified User Administration: Discover the filters

With the new update, you will be able to manage users in a faster and more efficient way. From now on, you will find a variety of filters in the “Manage users” section to make administration more personalised and precise. 

Among the possibilities, you will be able to find specific users without assigned groups, check the user status to know if their account activation and licence assignment is pending, and you can also filter by roles to segment users according to their functions.

Level up your admin capabilities with the manager role

Until now, Educa.Pro offered two types of roles: the user, with permissions for content consumption, and the admin, with full access. 

In this update we are including an intermediate role, the manager role. You can use this new role to manage subscriptions, allowing more precise control over the financial aspects of your account. 

In addition, to facilitate the educational experience, insights will now appear first on screen for managers. Insights are designed to put the focus on tracking and managing the progress of each student. 

This will make it easier to make decisions and manage users.